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Learning As We Go

Good morning lovelies!

While I sip on my first cup of  coffee today, I thought I would take a moment to share the behind the scenes of LK Coffey.  I love designing and creating these beautiful and lightweight earrings to share with the world.  It is such a joy and really good fun coming up with new designs that will surprise and delight.  

What sometimes is tedious is the photographing and posting of each new design to the website.  By a stroke of late night Amazon perusing, I happened upon this tiny light box which has made capturing the LK Coffey wearables much easier and far more consistent.  Phew! I totally recommend this little set-up if you ever need to take photos of small items.

It has also been pretty fun (though a times, I'll admit, a little confusing) to design and set up an e-commerce website.  I've built one website before, about 5 years ago (for my old law firm) I enjoyed the process a lot - and this time was no different.  Well, that's not entirely true...this time it was even more fun because instead of designing a law firm webpage, I was designing a site to showcase my favorite thing - FASHION!  Woot woot.

Like most things, this will be an evolution and over time (I have a plan - really) and I am sure I will fine tune the website, and how these items are showcased - but for now - this is truly a moment of "learning as we go".  

Thanks for following me on this journey and supporting the process.