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Quarter Hours to Quarter Inches

Hey Lovelies!

Five years ago I had my first real foré into fashion - and yes, it was AWESOME!  Backstory, I began practicing law in 2006, working as an Assistant District Attorney, first as a Certified Legal Intern, and then as an ADA.  I stayed there for four years before transitioning into private practice.  Law isn't for the faint of heart, and it's also not a cheery sunny profession.  That is no disrespect to my profession, at all, it's just not very uplifting.  Add to it, you have to track your time in quarter hour increments (if you're lucky - some firms make you keep track of time in six minute increments).  

.25 Reviewed and responded to comprehensive e-mail from opposing counsel

.5 Researched and analyzed case law on (insert topic)

.25 bang head on desk

You get the picture.

After my son was born, I happily took some time at home and it was glorious.  Midway through my time away from the practice of law, I got the opportunity to work for a large clothing company as one of their fit models.  Talk about a fun experience.

What's a fit model you ask?

Basically, a human mannequin.  

I would try on the clothes the company was making and then give them feedback on the fit.  Was the armhole in the right place?  Is the hip curve too large?  Is the slope of the shoulders correct?  (ps - I will never buy ill-fitting clothing again now that I understand how it is supposed to fit.)

I got to stand in business development meetings and learn the production stream from the initial fit, to an item then landing in the store.  How cool is that?  I was with the company for 2.5 years and my role of mannequin slowly transitioned where I got to give feedback on design and not just fit.  I loved seeing designs move from concept to creation!  

Truth - There were some less than cool parts, like getting measured every week. My body couldn't fluctuate more than a half inch or it was considered out of tolerance - but fortunately that was a time at my life where things like gluten and salt didn't swing me wildly like they do today (sad but true).   The irony was, I traded my previous quarter hours, for quarter inches - but it was a worthwhile trade.  

I ended up going back to law for five more years, but knew that when the opportunity arose, that I would go back to the world of design and fashion - and guys - here I am! Yay.

Alright - the sun is out - I need to go make some fabulous earrings.