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The Inception of LK Coffey

In June of 2019, Lauren was in an accident that left her with lingering injuries that led to a huge shift in her life's focus.  As a trial attorney for over a decade, constantly cycling through stressful days, Lauren realized her work and her passion were simply out of balance. Her desire to spend more time with her family and return to the world of fashion was overwhelming. From this, LK Coffey was born.  

It became incredibly evident that life was composed of tiny, wondrous moments.  Moments, if you were too busy with life's distractions, you would miss.  It was in that calm that the creative side began to flourish again.  Starting with an unknown medium, and unknown results, the design and execution of LK Coffey earrings began to take form.  

Carefully cultivated with collections that are meticulously curated - LK Coffey began to see life as a series of moments not to be missed.  In fact, true fashion is about creating that moment.  That moment you picture in your mind's eye.  

When you connect with a piece of fashion, it's because you are picturing when, where and how, you will wear it   LK Coffey is about curating that moment.