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Who is LK Coffey?

Who is LK Coffey?  Truly, a great question.  One that I am, frankly, still figuring out.  I know who I am as a person - a discovery that took many years and lots of learning - through both good and not so good  times.  And much like that process of self-discovery, the discovery of LK Coffey is a journey as well.  

I love creating in all aspects - whether it is cooking a great meal (without gluten or garlic - we have some sensitivities in this house), putting my own spin on a popular song, trying to sketch fashion concepts, or editing my son’s pretend “YouTube” videos.  It is that love of creativity that will spill out onto my website and my social media posts - perhaps a bit frenetic - but it is authentic to who I am and what I enjoy doing.

I believe there is a lot of light and beauty in this world - and I want to explore it, curate it and share it.  LK Coffey earrings were the first step in that process.  It has been a gift to work on these earrings and I am so proud of how the creative process is unfolding.  I am continuing to edit my methods and refine my design process.  (Spoiler alert - the spring collection is already underway, and it looks like it may include more than earrings).  

In terms of fashion, to me - fashion is creating a moment.  When you go to a store and see an item of fashion, I believe most people, picture when and how they will wear that item.  That item, whether it is a dress or a great accessory, allows us to daydream in ways we may not have otherwise.  It allows our brain the freedom to explore, to imagine something wonderful, to travel to events or places before we set foot upon them.  

I may not understand fully what LK Coffey is (yet) - but what I know for sure is that I want to be a part of people’s beautiful creative daydreams.  

Sending Love and Light to Everyone,

- L